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What is Everix Edge?

Everix Edge is what you get when you try to find a solution to one of the biggest problems in the world of financial education. The problem is that of connectivity and the right people with shared interests finding each other. Two parties that need each other are far apart and Everix Edge is the bridge that brings them together.

Who are these two parties you might ask? These are the people who want to learn about investments and the people – firms – that want to provide them that education. It may seem like a simple thing but it really is not.

Due to the way the world of investment is set up, it is difficult finding the right investment education. There are a plethora of niches and options and picking the correct study materials can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, with us at the helm holding your hand, you are sure to have educators teaching you about this brave new world of investing.

So why don’t you come along with us and allow us to find you the education you deserve. Use our website today and start learning. Begin your journey into the world of investment education.

Our Mission at Finance Phantom

Our mission at Everix Edge is to connect regular people with financial education at absolutely no cost to them. Use Everix Edge here and find the edge that you seek in the world of financial education.

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We at Everix Edge make it easy for you to engage with tutors and educators in the world of investment learning. We have curated the best of the best, bringing to you world class investment education firms. Start learning here by letting us at Everix Edge guide your first step.

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How to Register

Fill the Form

On the main page of our website is a registration form with space for contact details and personal information. Fill in details like your first name, last name, phone number, email address and click enter.

Link up With a Financial Education Firm

Immediately you send us your information, we start looking for the right investment education firm to match you with. In minutes, you will receive a phone call from a representative of one of these firms

Start Learning

Learn with our partners and start your journey into the world of investment. Talk to the customer representative and explain your needs in full. Choose from a wide array of courses available and start learning.

Check Your Entries

It is paramount that you input the right contact details or we will be unable to contact you. Kindly double-check and ensure that your entry is correct. This is extremely important as we would be unable to reach you without the right information

Why Investment Education?

To navigate these modern times, one needs to have solid financial education or advice. The language of finance has changed so much and grown more complicated. It is imperative that one becomes financially literate in order to be able to manage one’s finances or a business.

Everix Edge

Unraveling Finance

Good investment education will teach you all the complexities and inner workings of the world of finance. This will ensure you are able to find the right information and make sense of it when approaching investments

Everix Edge

Technical Know-how

The right investment education equips people with technical know-how about the world of finance. These skills come in handy when trying to understand graphs and economic data. They also make it easier to spot opportunities.

Plan and Strategize

Having a plan or strategy is the best way to navigate the world of finance. Whether making short term or long term investments, it is important to have a good strategy, balancing risk and reward.

What are Investment Education firms?

Investment education firms are companies that teach and educate their clients about the world of investments. These firms ensure that their clients are well equipped with knowledge and understanding when it comes to finance and investments. Learning about investments is a complicated and time consuming process.

However it can be well worth the effort if done properly. Everyone should learn about the world of finance even if only minimally in order to be able to make educated decisions when it comes to managing their own finances, a company, or a business. Leadership positions especially in government also need these skills which is why these investment education firms exist.

With comprehensive education and high quality learning materials, people can understand investment language, analyze common strategies, and expand their knowledge to make informed decisions.

Typical Roles of a Financial Learning Firm

Though the main role for these firms has always been to teach, some may combine other roles with what they do. Some of these roles are done to facilitate learning, while some are not. In this section, we explore these roles and services these financial learning firms offer to their clients.

Bespoke Learning

Everyone does not have the same needs. These fine institutions of learning have recognized this fact. As such, they offer a wide array of courses to choose from. Whether as a novice or as one experienced in the affairs of finance, there is something to suit different interests and appetites.

Engaging Workshops

Events and workshops help capture the imagination and stimulate interactive thinking. These workshops are created and hosted by these investment education firms. An example of a topic of discussion at these workshops could be: “speculation vs investment, the role of the day trader.”

Market Analysis

There are many algorithms available today which can correctly analyze market trends and adequately predict the next moves of certain assets and investments. Unfortunately, the price for these software is prohibitively high. Getting a tutor to teach you how to analyze the market or do it for you is a another option

Diversify Portfolio

Investment education firms can help you to manage and diversify your portfolio. Some of these firms are indeed also quite adept at managing wealth for their clients, trading assets and limiting risk by not having only one type of asset. This is important as it could help improve profit while limiting losses.

The Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is where shares and other securities are traded. Only shares or securities which are listed on the stock exchange can be traded. In times past, traditionally, a stock exchange was a physical location where traders and stockbrokers would meet to exchange physical copies shares. In today’s world with the advent of online trading, trades and exchanges can be done offline even though there is usually a central location for servers and record keeping.

The stock market is divided into two classes: the primary market and the secondary market. The primary market is defined as the first set of shares a company makes available on the market. This is known as Initial Public Offering (IPO). Any subsequent shares made available would be termed as the secondary market.

Why Investment Education Matters

Before we can answer why we should learn about investments and receive investment education, we must first define what an investment is. Investing is the allocation of finances toward purchasing an asset with the purpose of increasing the value of the asset or making profit. This purpose is not always achieved as investing is inherently risky and they always exists the possibility of making losses. Asset appreciation refers to the increase in asset value over time. On a macroeconomic scale, one can see how financial and investment education is crucial for the general population.

People are more likely to make sound decisions with money if they have an understanding of financial principles. They are far more likely to exhibit good management of resources which can lead to financial stability. It is therefore only natural to take advantage of Everix Edge and, by extension, the education provided by these financial learning institutes and have a deeper knowledge of the world of finance. Such education can only be to one’s individual benefit or to the society at large. To be financially literate is to be empowered and such empowerment, thought hard to get, is surely worth the effort.

There is so much to learn, from stocks to bonds to risk analysis and portfolio diversification; from exchange traded funds to cryptocurrency to forex. Because of the breadth and extent of investment education, it is an ever changing and evolving subject. There is always something new to learn even for even the experienced investor. As such, investment education should be treated more like a journey to financial discovery and less as a destination.

Stock Market Crash

A stock market crash is a collapse that occurs suddenly when there is an unexpected drop in stock prices. A stock market crash can occur as a result of a catastrophe, economic crises, or more commonly, due to the bursting of a speculative bubble. The panic created in public can cause people to oversell shares, further depressing the share prices. Examples of famous stock market crashes include: the 1929 great depression, the 2001 dotcom bubble burst and the 2008 financial crisis.

Six Types of Risk

Market Risk

This is the risk inherent with trading in today’s market. There are many factors at play beyond an investor’s power. Everyone in the market is exposed to this type of risk. Examples of market risk are equity risk, interest rate risk and currency risk.

Liquidity Risk

This occurs when there is a dearth of liquid capital in the market. As a result, it may be difficult to recoup the value of an investment or an asset. One may be forced to sell at a price much lower than what one paid for it.

Concentration Risk

Concentration risk deals with undiversified portfolios. When investments are tied down to one asset or one asset type, one runs the risk of incurring big loses if the investment value depreciates. It is against common investment knowledge to have only one type of investment.

Credit Risk

This is particularly common with bonds. When bonds issued by individuals, companies or government entities are defaulted upon, at the maturation date, the one who buys the the bond bears the risk. This is known as credit risk.

Reinvestment Risk

This is when losses occur as a result of investing income or capital at a lower interest rate. This is also particular to bonds and occurs when the bond matures. To avoid this type of risk, do not reinvest interest payment when interest rate goes down.

Inflation Risk

This is the type of risk that occurs when the rate of inflation is greater than the rate at which an asset appreciates. With inflation, money loses its worth and lesser goods are bought with the same amount.


Investment education is a good skill to have in today’s world. The main advantage of educating and learning about the world of investments is that it equips you with tools needed to develop good strategies for managing your finances. It is imperative that people without a background in finance and investments get this much needed education. With Everix Edge by your side, we can ensure that the missteps made by beginners are avoided. Everix Edge will connect you to investment education firms that we have partnered with. Take that first step today into the world of investment education.

Finance Phantom - FAQs

How Much Does Everix Edge Cost?

Use Everix Edge at no cost. There are no hidden charges as well so you can be sure you will not get charged in the future.

How Fast is the Process

Not long at all. The entire process can be completed within minutes, from registration to getting matched with an education investment firm and getting a call from a representative of the firm.

Can I Learn About Investment on Everix Edge

Everix Edge does not teach about investments. Everix Edge connects you to tutors who will teach you about investment.

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