About Everix Edge

The Founders of Everix Edge

Entering into the world of investment can be difficult especially for people without a background in investment or finance. It can be quite daunting as the information out there, without anyone to provide guidance on how to interpret it can be quite confusing. Without experience, one might find himself paying for an expensive package that may not even cover one's areas of interest.

This is where the team at Everix Edge decided to step in and create a website where people can come and find the right investment education. This collective created an elegant and simple solution, a cost free website where people from various backgrounds can easily connect and interact with various education investment firms in the world of investments. This forward thinking team at Everix Edge have made financial literacy accessible to the common folk.

Diversity at Everix Edge

The aim of diversity is to ensure people from marginalized groups and demographics are given a fair chance at being included. This not only serves to improve society as a whole, it also serves to introduce different viewpoints and perspectives.

We at Everix Edge embody this thought process, which is why our team is made up of people from a wide range of diverse groups. It is this diversity that led us to add the multiple language option for users on our website. It has served to make our website more accessible and user friendly.

Our Partners

We believe in transparency and fairness. This is the standard which we hold our partners to. On our website is a complete list of all our partners, in the spirit of transparency. Our partners are world class investment firms which have gone on to teach luminaries and industry leaders.